Smart Camera

The all-in-one camera includes computer technology and programmable logic accelerating the most important parts of the embedded digital signal processing and machine learning algorithms, including image classifiers and convolutional neural networks (CNN). The state-of-the-art technology used in the intelligent camera is based on low-power hardware with compact design and the aim to reduce costs on additional hardware.

The cameras are trained while in operation to reach better results thanks to embedded artificial intelligence using deep learning and edge computing.

License Plate Reading

License Plate Reading (LPR) or Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR) is a key component of most ITS with applications from direct fining of speeding or overweight vehicles, estimation of journey times to searchig for vehicles of interest.

For most of the systems, the accuracy of reading is absolutely crucial. For example if a speed enforcement system detects a speeding vehicle and the license plates is not correctly processed, the measurement must be tagged as invalid. In the Czech Republic, our solution reaches around 99% reading accuracy. However, these results did not come with the SW when leaving the laboratory. The algorithms were trained by working with real in-the-field records provided by the customer and the accuracy improved until it reached these outstanding results.

Make and Model Recognition

Recognizing the vehicle brand, model and color is another important aspect of vehicle identification. Firstly it can provide simple classification using a camera system, a non-intrusive method as opposed to installing inductive loops in the road. But more importantly can be used to detect replaced or stolen license plates (the same license plate on a different vehicle) or vehicles of interest when combined with LPR.

Different vehicle models appear on roads in different regions. The advantage of our solution is a trainable engine which enables achieving great results even in geographically distant areas where the traffic structure has only a little in common with the central European. It takes a few months and active customization. Around 600 hundred vehicle makes and models are recognized in the Czech Republic.